Message from the Director

Welcome to KCA University Western Campus, Kisumu. We are located in Kisumu’s Central Business District, along Oginga Odinga Street at the Mega Plaza, 7th and 8th floor (Wing B) overlooking one of the greatest features in Kisumu and the greater East Africa i.e. Lake Victoria.

KCA University Western Campus, Kisumu which was started as a branch of the main campus in 2002 has amazing relationship with the rich history of Kisumu County. Kisumu port was founded in 1901 as the main inland terminal of the Uganda Railway named “Port Florence”. It is known that trade in this area stagnated in the 1980s and 1990s but is now back to track. Kisumu literally means a place of barter trade “sumo” which resonates with our University brand i.e. a Premier Business and Technology University of Choice!

KCA University has a vision of working towards nurturing the best innovators, empowering communities and developing business leaders who have a competitive edge through the use of technology. KCA University’s Western Campus is strategically placed to enhance competencies for economic sustainability in the Lake Hub, Kenya’s Western Region and still have an impact in the whole East Africa region around Lake Victoria and beyond.

The holistic well-being of students is our first priority. We work to ensure that all University resources are aligned to enrich the impartation of knowledge through hiring quality student facilitators, promote student life through creating an enabling environment where sports, clubs and positive student events can thrive and working with administration staff that supports the students stay, right from their admission, onto graduation and finally competent alumni with positive impact on society.   

We welcome you to the KCA University’s Western Campus, Kisumu where our students are our priority!

Dr. Wabuyabo-Okonga Brigitte M

Director – Western Campus, Kisumu